The land beside the rail tracks in question regarding fire risk between Jones and Manion Road in Selwyn District

Letter To The Editor

by Callum McDonald

February 12th, 2020

Local MP slams ECan (The Record February 5 2020)

It is a bit rich that Selwyn MP Amy Adams should slam ECan for its decision to limit the notification of the proposed Prebbleton Waste Management treatment facility resource consent application.

In 2017, it was her very own government that amended the Resource Management Act to limit public participation and give local government murky powers of discretion on the notification of resource consent applications.

Under the illusion of improving the affordability of housing, the then National-led government stripped the public of the right to participate in matters that affect their communities, in favour of fast decision-making over good decision-making.

Ms Adams clearly has a very short memory.

Nicky Snoyink
Forest & Bird

I thought this might be of interest, my following article to the Selwyn District Council’s page, I have read your latest article on fire alerts, and it prompted me to contact you.

While agreeing with the sentiment that it is good to keep our paddocks and properties mowed and tidy, I wish the council would practice what they preach. The accompanying picture is an area of land between Jones and Manion Road approximately 50 metres wide and a kilometre long. It goes right up to a previous fire and hasn’t been mowed for a year.

It is jointly owned by the council and KiwiRail. The council showed no interest when informed of the hazard, and the head of maintenance at KiwiRail told me they have run out of money and won’t cut the grass. The fire brigade suggested filling in a form, and the rail company said they would look into it.

This isn’t good enough, we keep our properties tidy, and they threaten our lifestyle by their inaction.