The Selwyn Lions Club is selling tulip bulbs from Hadstock Farm to support local sponsorship requests

Bulbs for Lions

by Ann van Engelen

The Selwyn Lions Club is selling locally grown tulip bulbs as part of the den’s annual fundraising events to help support local financial requests.

“We have sourced these high-quality bulbs from the Chamberlain family at Hadstock Farm here in Selwyn because we believe in supporting local businesses and families,” says Selwyn Lions Youth Officer Kathy Dore.

“We had Cynthia from Hadstock Farm come and speak to us about the tulips, where they were sourced and how the farm came about. The farm has been here for six generations and were mainly daffodil growers. Many years ago they got paid in tulip bulbs, which were like gold and the family haven’t looked back. It takes a tulip four to five years to be ready to flower.

“We are very excited to be able to offer people the opportunity to purchase these bulbs, which are guaranteed to flower. The packs are surprise packages of colours and types and need to be planted by May.

“The funds raised will go toward the requests for sponsorship we get every year. These include sending a young girl to America to attend the Model United Nations, two girls have been to a dancing academy also in America, and our own Lions Club member Amy was sponsored to skydive for the drop for youth experience. We have many people we sponsor for a variety of reasons throughout the year.

“The bulbs cost $10 for eight. Pick up, or postage is extra — call Helen on 027 274 7636.”