The members of the Darfield Menzshed help with various projects for the community members

Men and their shed

by Ann van Engelen

The members of Darfield Menz Shed have now taken ownership of the fairy doors, which they helped create at McHughs Forest as a council project.

“The fairy doors is an ongoing project that we enjoy. At present, we have a few back for repairs and upgrades as little children get excited trying to open them. It has been lovely for them,” says Menzshed secretary Howard Anderson.

“People put things at the doors for the fairies. They may be letters, painted stones, gems or something special. People leave items for children to find and place at another fairy door. It encourages them not to be afraid of the forest and big trees as they play as a family, ride their bikes and explore.

“We are also building an outdoor cupboard for expired books at the library.

“We help community groups like making wooden toys from recycled material for Santa to give to children in the grotto at Christmas. We also do private jobs such as repairing furniture to create revenue to help cover rent, insurance, power, tools and incidentals.”

The group is now in discussions with the council regarding moving the shed to another site to expand and save on costs.

“We will be fundraising in the future to help cover our expenses once we secure new premises. We welcome newcomers, men and women. You don’t have to be talented builders, just willing to help out and make new friends.

Our top priority is having a cup of coffee and then community work. We are here to help and share our skills and knowledge.

“Come along and meet the members on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9am to noon at 26 McLaughlins Road, Darfield.”