Pioneers senior grade team at a local marching competition

Marchers achieving goals

by Ann van Engelen

The Pioneers Marching Club had a successful season with the Canterbury Championships last weekend seeing the under-12 grade team placing third.

“The other grades achieved all their goals, which they set, and the year overall was very encouraging. We are heading to the New Zealand Championships in Auckland at the end of March,” says coach Kylie Dowers.

“We have a big association in Canterbury, and many visiting teams from across the South Island have joined us. We travelled to Blenheim in December for the South Island champs, which was a good experience and we are very happy with our results. Our club participated at the Children’s Day event and marched in the Christchurch Christmas Parade, which hasn’t happened for a number of years. It was a lot of fun for the younger and older members.” The children in the opening grades recently received their skill certificates for their achievements in different levels.

“We have had boys join us as a sport too, and they are thoroughly enjoying it. We are encouraging more to come along next season. We begin around June/July. They are very excited to be involved as it is starting to become a mixed sport. It has the same benefits for boys and girls, including discipline, fitness, socialising and competing.

“Overall it was a successful year for all the teams in Canterbury.

“If you win, it is a bonus, and we are pleased our club is on track for reaching the last goal of the season at the nationals.”

For more information to join the Pioneers Marching Club, call Kylie on 021 930 434.