Every seed in its place

by Andy Bryenton

Each year the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers gathers to judge the top 50 most innovative products and engineering designs in the food and agriculture industry. The resulting AE50 Awards are chosen by international engineering experts and provide a snapshot of state-of-the-art in the agricultural tech industry.

Winning products are recognised for their ingenuity, for advanced product development, and for saving farmers time, costs and labour in the field, while making advances in ecology, economy and operator safety. With only 50 places to award across all the multiple facets of farming, they are hotly contested — to say the least. This year a significant AE50 Award went home with John Deere, for their highly advanced N500C Series air drill. Judges deemed the complex implement with its simplified interface; an outstanding innovation that improves production on the farm.

“AE50 Awards reaffirm the innovative spirit of our employees and illustrate John Deere’s commitment to bring those linked to the land the most useful, high-quality products possible,” says Joel Dawson, the director of production and precision agriculture for John Deere’s.

He cited the firm’s commitment to innovation as the reason behind the win. “No one in the industry invests more in research and development than John Deere, and we remain committed to that strategy.

“Our engineers take great pride in creating new technology and products to benefit our customers.”

The N500C Series gives operators easy meter access, the latest in integrated technology for highly accurate seed placement, and control and confidence to help them do the best seeding job possible for cereals, canola, soybeans and other crops. Feedback and an easy to understand control system make all the difference, as in farming knowledge is power.

New technologies added to the N500C Air Drills include John Deere’s proprietary ActiveCal tank scales for on-the-go seeding calibration from the cab, RelativeFlow blockage for row-to-row seed-flow monitoring, TruSet downforce control from the cab, and the SeederPlus app for convenient calibration of meters and weight monitoring for tank scales. Combining both software and hardware advantages makes this seed drill easy to switch between different crops and fields, ensuring that every one of literally millions of seeds is put precisely in its place.