The Selwyn under 13-year-old futsal players qualified for the World Championships

Futsal players qualify

by Ann van Engelen

A group of 12 and 13-year-old futsal players from Selwyn played in the Gold Coast International competition in the under 13-year-old grade recently and placed second overall qualifying for the world championships in Florida.

“I am very proud of the determination and resilience of these boys over the four days in 30 degrees plus humid conditions. Game after game they produced quality futsal to achieve their goal of qualifying for the Futsal World Championships,” says team coach Samuel Fowler.

“Unfortunately without sponsorship, the team will be unable to attend. Last year was our second time attending the Gold Coast futsal competition, and we found this gave us the opportunity to play every week and improve our futsal for this year’s competition.

“At this year’s competition, our team came extremely close to actually winning the tournament. In a final team talk, I reminded our players of how well they had played. At that at this age, it is not entirely about results — it is about their development. They can be incredibly proud of themselves for the effort they gave, the way they played, and how mentally we persevered through the challenges that we faced throughout the tournament.

“They were certainly in high spirits going to the medal ceremony. We are still feeling so proud in reflecting on our overall management and our efforts in every single aspect of the tournament. Despite not finishing first, this feels like a victory — just about everything went to plan. We can all feel proud when we look at the medals we earned and reflect on our experience at the Gold Coast International Cup 2020.”