Community connection key for Darfield High Scho

Darfield High on a high

by Mike Isle

Local high school, Darfield High, has had a successful 2019 and is looking to do even better this year.

Provisional results show the 850-roll school had a higher percentage of certificates achieved in the NCEA levels one and two than the decile 8 to 10 average and was above the national average for Level 3 and University Entrance.

However, for principal James Morris and his talented team of teachers and support staff, the impetus for further success in 2020 is uppermost in their minds.

The school is welcoming 135 new year seven students in 2020 and Morris says the school is ready and waiting for them with a new set of goals.

“Our annual goals for 2020 reflect the feedback from staff, students and the community in 2019.

“We have grouped our goals around three key themes to help better communicate what we will be focussing on. These themes are connections between people, clarity of expectations and consistency of practice.”

Morris says feeling connected to the school is a key factor in supporting wellbeing.

“Students and staff who feel connected through their positive relationships within the school and the feeling of being part of something worthwhile, are better able to contribute to their own success and the success of others.

Strategies related to this theme will support better connections and more connections.

Communicating the school’s expectations will also be a big part of the school’s activities in 2020.

Morris believes that having a better sharing of what those expectations are leads to ensuring they are well communicated and consistently applied.

“Through focussing on clarity of expectations and following through with accountability to those expectations, we believe our school will be effective in serving our community.”