Students at Rolleston College participated in various events at the whanau sports day last Friday

School year begins

by Ann van Engelen

Rolleston College welcomed 975 learners along with 20 new staff members as the new school year began with a variety of opportunities creating an exciting new buzz of energy around the school.

“Included in the 20 staff has been the appointment of our Future Pathways coordinator Jo Ager to assist our senior advisory framework in paving the way for our senior learners beyond school,” says principal Rachel Skelton.

“Our NCEA Certification rates for our first year of NCEA are pleasing. We had a staggered start for students returning, which allowed each year level some time to integrate back into school life. We also had a great day at whanau sports that we held at Brookside Park on Friday.”

Senior Learner Leader Jacinda Tucker says being able to meet other year nine students before the other classes returned for the year was appreciated.

“The year nines had time to meet each other and their teachers and learn how the school works before the other students returned. I joined in on the day helping to plan games and getting to know the new students,” says Jacinda.

“I really enjoyed getting to meet so many new people and was glad to be able to help them out. On the second day, the whole school was there, and I was able to meet up with friends and play some games with them, and get to know our new ako (from class). It was surprising just how much the school had grown with only two of four whanau taking up the whole auditorium.

“We were introduced to some new opportunities available this year, such as different clubs, sports, competitions and other extracurriculars. It was really exciting to see so many different options for all kinds of students.

Although starting senior year and NCEA can be somewhat nerve-racking, I am really excited for the year, opportunities, and challenges to come.”