Mark and Pamela Beckett are gifting a green diamond ring to a dairy farmer as a way to say thank you

Jewellers gift a diamond

by Ann van Engelen

Auckland jewellers Mark and Pamela Beckett are showing their love for New Zealand dairy farmers by giving away a two-carat diamond valued at $12,000 to show their support and their appreciation for the work dairy farmers do every day of the year.

“It is not just any old diamond. It is a rare green diamond, and quite possibly the only one in New Zealand,” says Mr Beckett.

He discovered the diamond in a collection of estate jewellery in Australia where it was in a family collection for several generations. The diamond is the prize in a promotion organised by DairyNZ.

“Our lives during the past 40-plus years have revolved around precious gems, and we believe Kiwi dairy farmers are gems too. We reckon this rare green diamond is the perfect way to celebrate our dairy farmers who are committed to caring for our land and environment, and, we believe, just like diamonds, that they are here forever.”

Mark was raised on a dairy farm, and as a child, Pamela often visited her grandparents’ dairy farm.

“Our farming families had a long-term view of environmental stewardship.

Everything my father did on the farm was to care for the land and his animals. It is my opinion that dairy farmers are more environmentally green than most. Certainly greener than many non-farming people because of the work they do to protect the environment.

“We see some dairy farmers getting bad press for allegedly stuffing up the streams, and their cows get the blame for global warming. We saw the opportunity to give away this appropriately green-coloured diamond to thank the good farmers for their hard work, both as stewards of the land and also in bringing us milk. It feels like the natural thing for us to do.”

To nominate a dairy farmer, visit by March 10. The winner will be announced between March 16 and 18.