Amy Adams

Local MP slams ECAN

by Amy Adams, Selwyn MP

ECAN’s handling of a resource consent application relating to emissions from a proposed Waste Management facility on Marshs Road has been appalling, according to Selwyn MP Amy Adams

“I have been contacted by many members of the Prebbleton community who are extremely upset about the limited public notification that has occurred in relation to this consent application,” said Ms Adams.

“Local residents and businesses, some of which are horticultural in nature and based outdoors, are very concerned about the impact the proposed plant’s discharges could have on them.

“ECAN has assessed that odour and air quality effects of the proposed activities at this site would be limited to 500 metres from the site and has used this as justification to restrict the number of parties consulted. Given the high level of public concern on this issue, it is my strong view that ECAN should have included the wider Prebbleton community in its consultation, as recommended by the CDHB.

“Of further concern to the local community is the timing of the notification to affected parties just prior to the Christmas holiday period, which has limited people’s ability to prepare submissions and seek professional advice.”