Disappointment with funding

by Ann van Engelen

According to Selwyn MP Amy Adams, the government’s recent announcement of infrastructure funding has given Selwyn “a few crumbs”.

“While I am relieved that the New Zealand Transport Agency has finally confirmed funding for some projects that I have been advocating for during the past few years, I am disappointed that our region is receiving a very small slice of the pie compared to other regions such as Auckland, which has been allocated billions,” said Ms Adams.

“I know that local residents will welcome the news that NZTA has finally committed to carrying out desperately-needed safety improvements at the intersection of SH73 and Weedons Ross Rd in West Melton, but may be frustrated that work will not start on these until 2021.

“While I also welcome the announcement of upgrades to a number of intersections along State Highway 1 between Burnham and Rolleston, these represent only a fraction of what is needed,” she said.

The government has announced a huge spend-up on roads, to come out of the $12 billion Infrastructure Fund.

Rail, roads and district health boards are the biggest winners. There has been $6.8 billion earmarked for transport infrastructure in the six main growth regions — Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Canterbury and Queenstown.

A $300 million capital investment has also been put aside for health. Of the $6.8 billion in transport spending, $1.1 billion will be spent on rail and $2.2 billion on new roads for Auckland. Auckland will receive the most funding in its package with $3.48 billion.