Appreciating retro fashion

by Ann van Engelen

Sharvelle Mackay has been interested in all things retro from a young age and took out the coveted Miss Retro Classic 2020, title on the 30-year anniversary of her attending the Muscle Car Madness event.

“I started coming to the event when I was a baby, and this is my second year competing in the pageant. There were a few sections with 20 girls in my category,” says Sharvelle.

“My outfit was custom made by my sponsor Ollies Handmade, and I made my hair flowers and handbag. It was an amazing thing to win on the 30th anniversary of the show as I am now 30 years old and I have been attending since day one. I have loved vintage and retro fashion, the 50s and 60s girl groups and music since I was little thanks to Muscle Car Madness.

“I dress like this in my everyday life, I sing the 50s and 60s songs and my home decor is also that era — I am almost a 50s housewife. My husband Phillip encourages me as it is something I can do for myself and outside of being a mother. It is stepping out of my comfort zone. I get nervous at shows, but I get to encourage other people and have fun. It brings smiles to other people’s day and winning this event was the icing on the cake.

“All the contestants cheered each other on, and people from different walks of life were really kind with their comments — which was so nice to see.”

Winners of the pageant were Mr MCM — James Dean, Coolest little dude — Carter Dean, Little Miss cutie — Little Miss Sweet Dreams, Miss Pinup — Justine Ackroyd, Miss Rockabilly — Miss Monarch, Miss Teen — Miss Elouise and Retro Classic — Miss Chevy Chevelle.