Road users are reminded to stay alert with children returning to school this week

School traffic reminder

by Ann van Engelen

The Selwyn School Road Safety organisation is reminding road users that there are 10,000 reasons to be road safety aware and to stay alert as children return to school this week.

“More than 10,000 Selwyn children headed back to school on Monday. That is nearly 20 per cent of our population on the move,” says coordinator Stephanie Hautler.
“We are encouraging everyone to keep their eyes peeled for our young people heading back to school by foot and on wheels. Road safety awareness is an important life skill and starts developing when you are young. Drivers can help by being patient and extra vigilant. We encourage people to take every opportunity to educate children on how to safely cross a road using their eyes and ears.”

For those heading to school, there are some travel safety tips such as be bright and be seen.

“A fluoro yellow hi-vis makes your child visible in poor weather as well as bright sun. Most schools have them available for free, or a small cost and they really make a difference. Another idea is to take advantage of the settled weather and be active as a family and walk to school to reduce the traffic chaos at the school gate. Take the opportunity to familiarise your children with the hazards on the route and talk about sneaky driveways and blind corners.

“If your child rides a bike or scooter, remind them to wear their helmets, this goes for caregivers too because young people are watching you. If you are pushed for time, park a block back from school so that your child can scoot or walk the rest of the way. It is good for them physically and mentally, and develops their road safety skills and helps with overall congestion at the school gate.”

Road safety resources for parents and children are available from the council by emailing or phoning 03 347 2705.