Selwyn library team members Lily Duval, Rebecca Haisman and Hayley Browne, with Lucille Duncan (second from left) who was dropping in donations

Helping Australia’s animals

by Ann van Engelen

Hundreds of fabric pouches, nests, mittens and other items will be helping injured and orphaned animals in Australia thanks to knitting and sewing enthusiasts across the Selwyn region and beyond.

“There has been a huge response to the Selwyn Libraries’ offer of patterns and the use of its premises and machines to people who wanted to sew and knit items such as joey pouches and mittens for animals affected by the Australian fires,” says Senior Arts, Culture and Lifelong Learning coordinator Hayley Browne.

“The idea came after library staff saw online that there were a lot of people wanting to support the animals, but not sure where or how to find the patterns or not sure how to help. We decided to offer the space, printing patterns and resources to support them. We have been overwhelmed by the response locally, nationally and internationally.

“More than 250 items have been made and collected by the libraries, and we are grateful for the support we have had. We even had people in Canada contacting us, and we are very proud of the help people are giving to our Australian neighbours.

“We now have enough items and are no longer accepting further donations of material. The articles are being stored ready to transport to wherever they are needed. Any items which are not required in Australia will be donated to other animal welfare groups who have a need for them. We are very thankful to everyone who has been a part of making this community project the success it is.”