The team at Talk Together appreciate the support from Mike King recently

Supporters appreciate support

by Ann van Engelen

Receiving funding from the recent Mike King, I Am Hope event, the staff at Talk Together — Social Skills group say they are appreciative of the support they receive as they help young people in need.

“Mike donated to us through the Selwyn Parenting Network after his recent I Am Hope event. He wanted to help local young people, and we appreciate his input,” says co-founder and speech therapist Megan Lewis.

“One in ten children have speech, language and communication difficulties.

We provide support with social skills and anxiety management through our team of educators, speech therapists and counsellors.

“Children we work with learn coping skills for anxiety and have speech therapy when needed building their resilience, confidence and communication ability. Many don’t have friends at school and make connections through the group and develop strategies to use, such as deep belly breathing to calm their minds when they feel overwhelmed with emotions.

“We are in our second year in Selwyn. Myself and a colleague were working in the public system and saw many families who couldn’t access our services, so we came up with a way to offer an affordable solution for them.”

The group is helped with sponsorship through community groups such as the Selwyn Parenting Network.

“We are grateful to work alongside SPN, and local schools are brilliant at letting parents know if their child can benefit from our services.

The subsidies break down the barrier of the costs, to help people help their children, and that is what we are here for.”

If you think your child needs support contact us on 027 300 9368.