Del Lowe is located in Kowai Bush and is particularly inspired to paint horses

Gallery celebrates New Year

by Ann van Engelen

Showcasing the works of local artists, Te Huanui art gallery is celebrating the new year and decade with the Colour Comes Together exhibition.

Artists Lorraine Jacobs, Del Lowe and Jan Mitchell alongside Halswell Pottery’s Gaye Morton and Linda Pringle, there is a range of style and mediums to suit all.

Gaye Morton’s work exhibited is inspired by the wind and weather experienced across New Zealand’s landscape, predominantly the blowing leaves of the iconic cabbage tree, where she has pushed boundaries and worked with different clays and colours.

As a self-taught painter, Jan Mitchell’s rooster paintings have become well known for their character and personality, a principle she is applying to her new works inspired by a love of gardening.

Award-winning contemporary artist and tutor, Darfield’s Lorraine Jacobs, captures some of the dramatic beauty and interest she sees in the world around her, translating them into eye-catching landscapes, and sensitive portraits. She has chosen to use acrylics and watercolours to portray some of New Zealand’s indigenous birds.

Del Lowe has nature just at her doorstep outside her Kowai Bush studio, where she is inspired to paint and draw animals, particularly horses. In contrast, the colours and textures of Linda Pringle’s larger works reflect the striking volcanic landscapes that surround our harbours and lakes, while her smaller porcelain works take on the hues of the water.

Colour Comes Together runs from 6pm, Friday, January 31 until 1pm, Thursday, February 27 at Te Huanui, 17 South Terrace, Darfield.

The gallery is open Tuesday–Sunday, 10am–4pm.