Young artists advancing

by Ann van Engelen

Georgie Wright, Suzie Scales, Holly Wilson, Maddie Watson and Hannah Abraham each chose a different baby animal to paint as part of their art class recently at the Creative Sparks Studio in Darfield for Holly’s birthday party. “Holly chose the theme, and each of her guests chose which animal to draw and then paint,” said Creative Sparks manager Vicky Peacock. Vicky has hosted a variety of workshops during the school holidays to help people kick-start the 2020 year off in a positive, creative way. “Students from seven years old have learned to paint dancers and skateboarders in action and an assortment of animals. As part of the holiday programme, birthdays and Christmas work parties’ paintings of Christmas snow scenes, and Santa’s reindeer were produced in a fine array of colour with staff at The Fat Beagle choosing to paint cupcakes to brighten their cafe. “Our classes have been so popular that I have added extra times in Springfield and Darfield. Anyone can learn to paint. The canvas workshops offer a guided step by step experience while term classes begin on February 3 and offer more individual creativity. I find it very satisfying to help people create a piece of art that they are proud of.”