Back in action for 2020

by Andy Bryenton

It’s a big welcome back as holidays come to an end and the business of making this a prosperous and productive 2020 gets into full swing. Thankfully, many of our local professionals are already back and waiting to help with the top five projects for summer 2020.

Many of us are ready to ‘hit the ground running’ with new year’s projects or have been inspired during the break to make some upgrades around the home. Nationwide, these are the most popular:

1. Update outdoor entertainment. The holidays may have poked holes in your careful plans to entertain all the rellies and friends. This time of year sees a massive upswing in people visiting hardware and outdoor suppliers to construct pergolas, shade sails, new barbecue areas, spa pool surrounds and pizza ovens. Top tip — take a look at what was really a shortfall during the holidays — things like shade, seating, barbecue capacity or even off-street parking. The rest can wait until later in the year.

2. Beat the heat. The hottest part of the year is still to come, with work and school back in session. Time to finally get those air conditioners installed; it’s well past the point of being an early adopter for tried and tested heat pump technology.

3. Mow smart. Summer’s dry lawns will soon give way to more growth, especially with a little rain. Why make a huge job of it? New Year’s resolution number three is to get the right ride-on mower for your acreage, and a powerful trimmer as well. Two tools that are never, ever regretted when they are taken out of the shed.

4.Check your home’s value and improve it. The new year will see new valuations coming through for local homes. You may find that a buoyant market has increased the value of your property. It might mean it’s a good time to discuss those low current interest rates with your bank, or double down and invest in improvements, which will further enhance your most significant asset.

5. New year, new car. Alternatively, at least, a complete ‘birthday’ for your trusted daily driver. Doing the maths on a more fuel-efficient machine might surprise you, especially if your situation has changed due to kids leaving home or even retirement. If it’s not the time for a change, it’s undoubtedly a good time to have all of those perishable parts like cam belts, bushings, shocks, brake pads and electrical components looked at to ensure a hassle-free drive through 2020.