Kendall Maitland with her trophy at the Evolution Dance Competition in Australia

Aiming for the top

by Ann van Engelen

Clearview Primary School student, seven-year-old Kendall Maitland achieved a personal goal at the Evolution Dance Competition in Australia.

“Kendall started dancing at Footlites Performers when she was four years old and has danced in competitions since she was five. She gained fourth in her song and tap and placed middle of the field for her tap solo at the event and is very happy with the result,” says mum Carissa.

Footlites Performers focus mainly on tap, with a little bit of jazz.

“Kendall competed in the regional Evolution competition, held in Christchurch in 2019. Her scores qualified her for the Evolution national finals, held on the Gold Coast last week. We have family there, so we planned a holiday around the competition dates.

“The national finals was a really cool experience for her. The level of competition was high and pretty intense, comprising of children from around Australia and New Zealand who qualified at their respective regional events. Kendall performed a song and tap routine (as Veruca Salt, singing I Want It Now), and a tap solo routine, the latter had a field of approx 20 competitors.

“She loves performing and playing a character to music and loves the friendships she has formed along the way, and the encouraging supportive environment at Footlites. The messages of good luck and support from them has been awesome, and also the extra lessons Kendall’s teacher Olivia gave her.

“This year, she hopes to keep improving and gaining confidence and is really looking forward to learning group routines. She really enjoyed the experience in Australia and had heaps of fun. She also loved the support from family and friends.”