The Integrity Community Media team are united in wishing our readers and advertisers a happy new year and look forward to a prosperous 2020. Absent Theresa Murray

Looking back, and looking forward

by Andy Bryenton

The news in 2019 has been, at times entertaining, confronting, and always interesting. Here, where your local newspaper is made each week, we have seen stories of sadness and triumph, growth, learning, struggle, debate and inspiration throughout the year. However, most of all, we’ve seen an upward trend as our part of New Zealand continues to grow.

General Manager, Deb Wright, says she has similar expectations for 2020 and expresses the hope that all those reading these words in our first edition for the year have enjoyed a safe and happy holiday season or are still doing so.

“To all our readers, advertisers and supporters, welcome back to another year, which we hope will be prosperous and positive for you. We want to take this opportunity to invite you to share your stories with us so we can make your successes the talk of the Selwyn District in 2020.”

As we start a new year, we’ve used this edition to showcase a retrospective of 2019 as seen from a local perspective. Gathered together in this volume are some of the biggest stories of the past year through a local lens. While nationally, 2019 will be remembered for upheavals like the Christchurch shooting tragedy and the eruption of White Island, along with victories in sports, political intrigues and the highlights of arts and culture. Close to home, we have had a very interesting twelve months as well.

The Selwyn area has seen new businesses open, people achieve milestones of service and record breaking birthdays, and communities rally together to achieve great things. It’s been a year of constant things to see and do as well, as a range of shows, from traditional A & P engagements to off road motorsport and heritage historic events came to town. The region has been visited by royalty, sent sports teams out to conquer the competition and has also adapted and grown with a rising population.

From all of our team to all of you — welcome to 2020. Happy New Year. We promise to continue bringing you the local issues that matter, and the local stories that help build a sense of community, each week without fail, direct to your letter box. Who knows what will feature in our retrospective next year? If you’re lucky, it may very well be you!