Kan tabs for kidneys

by Ann van Engelen

The Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids Project is a way to generate revenue from recycled aluminium to support children with kidney disease or who need dialysis.

The funds raised in Christchurch are donated to Kidney Kids Canterbury to assist children with kidney disease in various ways.

“The Wigram Lions Club became involved when local school children decided to raise money for a friend who was unwell with kidney failure.

Between our District E and District D up North we give quite a lot of money to help the children as they don’t get proper funding from the government,” says Wigram Lions Club member Raewyn Clearwater.

“People collect aluminium wine bottle tops, squashed cans, and ring tabs and anything aluminium including ladders, a motor — anything aluminium. We take these to the recycling centre on a regular basis and all money raised goes straight to Kidney Kids Canterbury.

“Jo Houghton at the Kidney Society works tirelessly with her team.

“They are just fantastic supporting children, so every time you collect and drop off your wine bottle lids or can tabs — you make a huge change in many families lives.” The Wigram Lions Club recently handed over their latest donation.

“We appreciate this so much as it allows us to help support our local kidney kids with things that our trust (CKS Graeme Cox Youth Education Trust) may not cover, but are important to their overall wellbeing,” says Jo.

“Every 18 months we get given around $3,000.

“The funds are used to help families with things such as bedsheets, decking timber to finish a deck for a youngster to get outside or a school uniform if someone received a transplant and can now go to school.

“We do real stuff with the help of the Lions Club donations.

“They are amazing, and we really appreciate the help we get. The tabs off cans, wine bottle tops and small aluminium pieces are what works.”

Contact the Wigram Lions Club to donate aluminium tabs, wine bottle lids and other aluminium products.