100% dog registration — again

by Mike Isle

For the eleventh year in a row Selwyn has achieved 100% re-registration of the district’s dogs and we achieved the target faster than ever.

By November 28, six weeks ahead of last year’s registration, a total of 14,045 dogs were registered with the Selwyn District Council during the 2019/20 year. That is all the known dogs in the district. Most dog owners in Selwyn are responsible and take good care of their dogs. The council makes an effort to work with people to help get all dogs registered, Senior Animal Control Officer Steve Clarke said.

“People out here are pretty good — they love their dogs. People who’ve been in the district for a while know how we work, and we’re getting a good response from people moving here. We do have the power to seize a dog, but we haven’t had to do that for a few years. We work with people — we do emails, texts and phone calls. If someone’s really struggling to pay, we’ll discuss options with them. It’s education over enforcement.”

The comparatively low registration fee also helps, Clarke said. Along with making the system easy to register early and receive reminders of when their registrations are due also helps with the quick registration time.

“It’s almost all done online now. We sent out 94% of registration notices electronically this year. We encourage dog owners to register early, to sign up to receive their renewals by email and use the online system.”

Dog owners can use online web pages at selwyn.govt.nz/dogs, email dogrego@selwyn.govt.nz, or phone the council on 347 2800.