Walt arrived at the SPCA starving, he is now healthier and needs a foster carer to help with his recovery

SPCA needs foster carers

by Ann van Engelen

The Canterbury SPCA is appealing for more animal foster homes to help rehabilitate the increase of large animals in their care, such as horses and goats.

“An increasing number of larger animals are coming to our attention and rehab is having some good results. Walter is a 10-year-old grey thoroughbred horse who came in as a result of a complaint about a skinny horse,” says SPCA Canterbury’s Chief Animal Welfare Inspector, Jamie Hancock.

“When Walt arrived at the SPCA two months ago, he was starving and knocking on death’s door and almost every bone in his body visible through his woolly coat.

We have had a careful strict reintroduction of food under veterinarian advice, and this is putting condition back on him.”

He is regaining weight and is now needing a foster home to take him on.

“There is an increased need for our help for larger animals in the region.

We get goats, horses, cows, sheep and pigs. We only have so much space and resources at the centre, so we are really reliant on help and need foster homes for the temporary care of 50 large animals. Foster homes increase the rate of healing time by reducing the animal’s stress and spending time in a home also means animals can learn what a home environment is like.”

To help with foster care phone 03 349 7057 or email christchurch.foster@spca.nz.