The Coalgate Jam sessions provide a variety of entertainment at the bistro

Jams at Coalgate

by Mike Isle

Steve and Ann Joy purchased Coalgate Tavern six months ago and have made several upgrades to the premises, including creating a place to enjoy live musical jam sessions.

“We had a great turnout again for our Jam session. People enjoy the relaxed evening. Before our move here, I was an engineer, and prior to that, we had the Kirwee Tavern from 2013 to 2016. We are called the Coalgate Bistro Black Diamond Grill and have created a real family environment,” says Steve.

“We came up with the idea to create the Jam sessions with local musician Bruce Leeming doing his Vinegar Jam events. There are a number of bands that come along and we get a great crowd enjoying the shows.

“The menu has changed, is reasonably priced and very successful. It is a great place to come for the roast of the day Thursday to Sunday from 5pm.

It is a good family dinner. We have added a free pool table and a jukebox for our patrons to enjoy.

“We are double glazing the windows, adding bi-fold doors out to the beer garden and painting the outside of the property in the next few weeks to give it a fresh look.

“The community have made us feel very welcome.

“They get on with us, and we get on with them — that is the way it should be. We are looking forward to the future and enjoying the successes together.”