Year nine Rolleston College students running through farmland in Hororata during their rogaining experience

Students in action

by Ann van Engelen

Year nine pupils from Rolleston College utilised their navigational skills last week when they participated in a rogaine on farmland in Hororata.

“It was great to have our year nines out of school, being active, working together, problem-solving and taking on a challenge,” says teacher Hayden Shaw.

“It was thanks to the Selwyn Sports Trust for organising and running the programme. Rogaining is an orienteering sport of long-distance cross-country navigation. It involves route planning and navigation between checkpoints using a variety of map types. In a rogaine, teams choose which checkpoints to visit within a time limit with the intent of maximising their score.

“There was a bit of teaching preparation prior, around map reading and geography skills to find the different places. It was a good chance to put their problem-solving skills into action while reading the features on the map without a compass. They had to make decisions where to go and choose between the hardest routes for more points, like up steep hills, or go to easier locations and get less points.

“They had to interpret the map and work with their team strengths while supporting each other. It gave them the opportunity to learn outside, in a physical context, and decide how to get to the 150 different points such as a certain tree or fence. They all did very well. It was good for our connective class, which teaches maths, English, science and social studies and they also used their geography skills based on a physical context and problem-solving.”