West Melton Gymnastics Club trampoline team members Kate Vee, Shelby Miller, Lucia Tully, Jack Snowden and Georgia Taylor

Excelling at trampoline

by Ann van Engelen

West Melton Gymnastics Club competed in the Olympia Trampoline Competition last week taking out several placings in individual classes.

“Our Red Badge level students are in the beginner stage, and they all did extremely well,” says coach Kyla Higgins.

“The team have only been competing this year and I am really proud of their achievements. It is incredible as nine-year-old Shelby Miller received the Canterbury Award for first overall in all of the competitions this year.”

Results were: Kate Vee — First in Trampoline, fourth in Double Mini, Shelby Miller — second in Trampoline, first in Double Mini, Lucia Tully — third in Trampoline, third in Double Mini, Georgia Taylor — fifth in Trampoline, fifth in Double Mini and Jack Snowdon placed first in Trampoline and second in Double Mini.

“To get these placings in competitions is a huge accomplishment. My method of coaching is to get my students perfect at the beginner stage and have them with a good trampoline form in their category to help build their confidence before pushing them into the next level for competing.

“We work together on routines and skill, and I love seeing them get new skills as they all have different personalities. It is fun to bring out their individuality and encourage their different ways. I enjoy everything about working with them. The team are training an hour a week, and Kate, Shelby and Jack also are involved in gymnastics, which helps with their coordination and routines.

“Our club welcome newcomers to come along and get involved in all levels of gymnastics with us.”