Darfield’s pool party

by Ann van Engelen

A Pool Party was held at the Darfield Community Pool to mark the opening of the summer season last week.

“The day was a lot of fun, and we had our lifeguards for the season all on deck. The big inflatable obstacle course was a great hit,” says pool manager Christina Clarkson.

“We have painted the changing rooms to freshen them up and are looking forward to having families enjoy the fresh air as they build water confidence. It is important for all age groups, not just children, to be water confident.

“I have been involved with the pool for many years, and have seen children grow up and return with their own families.

“We have swimming lessons available in January, and we run a swim club in January and February. We recruit our lifeguards during winter, and they gain their lifesaving and first aid certificates. They not only keep an eye out for people in trouble in the water, but they also prevent accidents happening.

“So if they ask you to stop running or something, it is always for a reason.

They are not being fun police — they are keeping everyone safe.”

The Selwyn District Council will be hosting another pool party at the Darfield pool in January.

“There will be music and games at the upcoming event. It is a good way for families and friends to get together and have fun as a community.”