Members of the Rolleston Rotary Club at the recent fireworks display

Rotary at Rolleston

by Ann van Engelen

In its infant stages, the newly established Rolleston Rotary Club is a group aiming to reach the younger generation.

“We are wanting to help with community-orientated projects by providing guidance and volunteering for anything we can,” says club president Amanda Van der Klay.

“With the support of other Rotary organisations in the district, we want to change the face of Rotary and bring into the present age, with the different needs nowadays.

“We have a lot of fun and are always having a laugh. It is all about engaging people, learning leadership skills and making friendships as you help others. One example is we are supporting a Rolleston local who approached us so he could go on a Youth Exchange. The Lincoln club helped us make it happen, and we are helping him do bigger and better things.

“We established our club in May this year and are now getting involved with events such as the Selwyn Youth Council Halloween night, the Rolleston Fireworks and this weekend we are helping at the Selwyn Motorfest. We are attracting people of all ages from 25 years old up to retirees with a broad range of talents including engineers, real estate agents and a radio host.

“We are interested to hear what the community need help with, and what they think is lacking. We can connect the right people together to get things happening, and we can also work with people and their projects. It has been very exciting.

“We meet fortnightly at the Selwyn District Council cafeteria area with the final event of the year on Wednesday, December 11 at 7pm.”

For more information go to The Rolleston Rotary Club — Provisional Facebook page.