Steve Saville has resigned as principal of Rolleston College

Rolleston College’s first principal resigns

by Mike Isle

Steve Saville will leave the college at the end of the school year to take up an education consultancy posting in Auckland.

Mr Saville who was appointed the fledgeling college’s first principal five years ago has seen his school roll go from 220 year-nine students to a current roll of 710, including for the first time this year senior classes.

Next year the roll is expected to exceed 900.

Mr Saville told The Record that the most satisfying aspect of his time at the college was watching the growth of the school’s students and not only in terms of numbers.

“We have a school, which is determined to be learner-centred. It is wonderful to see the way the students have grown from new entrants at the beginning, to this year’s senior students and school leavers. We as a college have shared that journey with them, seen them evolve, and that is personally very gratifying. We have watched them grow up yet enabled them to retain their personalities and individual character, rather than being stereotyped within an academic environment.”

The challenge of starting a new college from scratch hasn’t been lost on the first-time principal, who previously served for eight years as deputy principal at Alfriston College. However, Steve Saville sees that challenge as an advantage — a benefit.

“Being new has enabled us to develop a culture that is unique to our school.

We haven’t been hamstrung by a history or tradition that demands compliance. We have, in fact, created our own and that has been very much a team effort of staff, students and the wider Rolleston community.

“It has been a real honour to work with them on that journey.”

The chair of the Rolleston College Board of Trustees, Lynley Shaw said Mr Saville had been pivotal in establishing the board’s vision, strategic plan and success of the school to date.

“On behalf of the board. I wish to express our sincere appreciation to Steve for his contribution to the college and wish him and his wife Di every success for the future.”

She said the board will now start the process of recruiting and appointing a new principal during the early part of 2020 and will appoint an interim principal whilst this process is underway.