Jayden and Zac dressed up in fire brigade uniforms

Glentunnel’s pet day

by Ann van Engelen

Glentunnel School students participated in various activities including interacting with the local fire brigade and exploring a vintage fire truck at their annual pet day on Friday.

“We had the Darfield and Glentunnel fire trucks here, and the children went for rides and tried on the gear to experience what firefighters do,” said principal Dion Stechmann.

“We had a lot of the older traditional style activities like creating a sand saucer or a miniature scene, which were judged by lovely community volunteers.”

The children presented a handwriting sample and created a gift bag or box from upcycled items with the theme being sustainability.

“The Roadside Glory project saw children bring plants from the roadside, which they made into a floral decoration. Each class prepared kai to sell, and every child was given five tickets for $1 to purchase items. We had healthy food options such as fruit kebabs, popcorn, homemade ice cream and ice blocks. We ran the day with Tuakana Teina, where the older children buddy the younger ones, and they shared kai and helped each other throughout the day.”

Activities included hook a duck, nerf gun target shooting, the big dig out — a treasure hunt in a trailer of sawdust and bouncy castle.

“We also had Darfield Preschool come, and a huge array of dogs, cats, chickens, geckos, rats, ponies and lambs were on display. The children talked with the judges about their animal, its diet, name and what they enjoy doing. The day ended with the annual cake and homemade craft auction. Thanks to our organiser Michelle Reid, more than 30 local businesses supported us with vouchers, items and discounts, and we raised more than $3,200. It’s the community working together, and we appreciate the support to help our school.”