Members of the NZ Army discussing tactics with Nora’s Army at Clearview Primary School

An army of support

by Ann van Engelen

Clearview Primary School student Nora Guise has made her way to Texas for specialist cancer treatment thanks to her support group Nora’s Army.

“It takes a village to raise a child, but an army is needed to help Nora,” said fundraising team member, Katie Fitzgerald.

“Nora’s Army have been fundraising to help facilitate her much needed and potentially life-saving CAR T-cell Therapy, which started on Monday, November 11. We raised almost $47,000 thanks to people’s generosity at the recent Nora’s Army day and Auction Evening.”

The day at Clearview Primary began with an army camo themed mufti day, and all students received Nora’s Army dog tags. “NZ Army medics and an army vehicle visited the school for students to explore. They were lead in with a march for Nora, which was very powerful.

Hooked on Fish and Chips provided fish and chips for lunch and donated a portion of the proceeds to the fundraiser.

“The students really embraced the day and teamwork by over 800 students and the staff was certainly needed to make a ‘Nora’s Army’ video message which we have online. We raised $7,750, which included a bat that was auctioned off by a Clearview student and legend, Nixon.

“We then held an auction evening at Pemberton Gardens and had the privilege to be joined by guest speaker David Downs, who is a cancer survivor and CAR T-cell participant. Celebrity chef Jax Hamilton was the MC, and our auctioneer was Mark McGoldrick from Harcourts. The evening raised $39,000, which far exceeded our expectations.

“We are very grateful for each and every person who has supported our fundraising.”

Nora and her family are in Texas for five weeks for her treatment, which has now begun.

“We are so incredibly grateful for your time, donations and support for our darling Nora,” said Nora’s mum Elyse.

“Nora’s army has grown beyond our dreams, and you have helped take away a huge obstacle to getting our daughter what she so desperately needs. Thank you for opening your hearts with the hugest love.”