Maddie Collins lives every day in a way that encourages others with health issues and promotes the need for organ donors

A Novotel charity experience

by Ann van Engelen

Selwyn resident Maddie Collins has been gifted the use of the newly built Novotel Hotel at the Christchurch Airport to support her fight with kidney disease and her organ donation awareness campaign on Sunday, November 24.

“Maddie was diagnosed in 2008 with a kidney disorder, Nephrotic Syndrome and did not respond to treatments. She has had two kidney transplants with her second now rejecting. Doctors are trying to sustain her kidney for as long as possible before she has to go back on dialysis,” says mum Sarah.

“She makes pillowslips for Starship hospital patients, and Novotel purchased some for their overseas promotion. The general manager rung us with the idea to help support her organ donation awareness campaign by giving her the hotel for the first guests. We never expected this from them, especially before they officially open.

“Maddie is a role model for other children and fights to live every day as normally as possible despite her health issues. She rides her horse, and other children with disease and disorders look up to her and believe if ‘Maddie can, they can’. She gives them hope as we share the knowledge that we have learnt. Through her donor awareness plans, we have received an incredible amount of letters from people saying because of her, they have become organ donors and this has helped in her fight for life. The rooms have amazing views of the runway or the mountains. We will hold a function that night on the top floor, which has floor to ceiling windows. We can watch the planes arrive and depart and watch the sunset. Maddie is very excited and is hoping she will be able to personally attend. We are very grateful to the team at Novotel — this is an amazing opportunity.”

Rooms are $200 for the night and sleep two people. Book through the Maddie Collins — Imagine what I can do when I am better Facebook page.