People travelled from near and far to attend, and be entertained, at the Rolleston Fireworks Display last weekend

Rolleston fireworks

by Ann van Engelen — photos Altamash Askari

The Rolleston Fireworks Committee and volunteers saw 12,500 people turn out to see the local fireworks display held on Saturday night.

“We spent tireless hours across an eight-month period planning, and the turnout speaks volumes for how well received the event was by the community,” said committee chair Chris O’Brien.

“We rely on each and every worker on the day to cope with that many people. There were some comments in the months leading up to the event about the entry price increase potentially having an impact on attendance. I think the majority were more than happy. Financially we managed to claw back the $11,000 loss made in 2018 and cover the costs for the 2019 event.”

It costs between $75,000 to $80,000 each year, and the community attending keeps the event running. “The police and security presence was significantly higher this year — ensuring there were little to no problems.

They were delighted with the result and how smoothly the night ran.

“We received great feedback from stallholders, and there are some improvements we will make for 2020. Learning what we did right and what we perhaps didn’t get perfect is a key part of ensuring success remains for years to come.

“The committee would sincerely like to thank our supporting partners — Accessman, Pub Charity, Selwyn District Council, Sparky Electrical and the contractors that helped set up and keep us safe during the night.

“Without our volunteers and amazing community, we could not continue to host this event.”