Malvern’s recycling day

by Ann van Engelen

The Malvern community recycling day is back and is an opportunity to clean up your shed, back yard and garden waste.

On Saturday, November 23 from 10am to 4pm, drop-off your recycling to Hawkins Pit, entry is off Cullens Road, east of Bangor Road, Darfield. Some costs apply.

Garden waste of prunings, tree trimmings and weeds is $5 a car, $10 a ute or single axle trailer, $15 for each twin axle trailer. We do not accept flax or cabbage tree leaves or trees/branches more than 10cm in diameter.

Scrap metals, bicycles, BBQs, small appliances, whiteware, pots and pans are free of charge. It is $3 for each car tyre, $5 for a 4WD tyre — tyres on rims will be charged double, and child car seats cost $15 each.

There is a cost of $4.50 for a flat-screen TV or monitor, $10 for each CRT with all other e-waste free of charge such as computers, printers, phones, cameras, stereos and cables.

Mixed recycling is also free of charge. It may be flattened, clean cardboard and paper, empty and clean plastic bottles and containers (numbers 1–7), steel and aluminium cans and glass bottles and jars with no lids.

We do not accept general rubbish, gas bottles, items containing oil/fuel, tyres covered in dirt, polystyrene, soft plastic/plastic wrap, window glass/crockery or hazardous chemical containers. Only household amounts will be accepted. Please separate different waste streams and ensure you are able to unload your own materials into the bins provided upon arriving.

Cash only (no EFTPOS).

A donation will be made to a local not-for-profit organisation for their support with this event.