The massed highland fling was a popular feature of the games. Photo David Baird

Highland games reach new heights

by Mike Isle

The ninth annual Hororata Highland Games once again turned on a spectacular event enjoyed by a record crowd of visitors and competitors.

The Hororata games is a unique event with 10 competitive events taking place in amongst a huge cultural festival, which celebrates a very special blend of Scottish and Kiwi culture.

“There are very few events that manage to mix such a diverse range of elements giving visitors a full experience,” said event organiser Cindy Driscoll.

Chieftain of the day, a traditional Scottish ceremonial role for highland games, Peri Drysdale spoke of her experience:

“It was a privilege to witness to these truly wonderful games. The spirit throughout the event was phenomenal. The spirit of competition and fun, the gamesmanship and the have-a-go spirit were all done with really impressive feats of skill, strength, teamwork and creativity.

This spirit is sown deep within the games by a passionate and dedicated community who pull together every year to create something really special and unique.”

Hororata Community Trust chair, Richard Lang said:

“One of the most pleasing things I saw at the games were families of all ages taking part in the many Have A Go activities together. The vibe of the whole event was of relaxed family fun. The huge team of volunteers has done an amazing job yet again. To pull off an event this big and do it so well is a massive undertaking.

We are grateful to our partners for their support and for joining our community on this journey.

“As a community, we are fundraising for our new Hororata Community Centre, this is going to be no small feat, but we have a track record of punching well above our weight so I have no doubt we will achieve our target. The games are the launch pad, and we have been building a foundation from its success to build a bright future for our community.”