Council reviews community committees

by Mike Isle

Selwyn District Council has confirmed it will begin a review into the model of community committees.

There are currently 55 community committees, 52 of which receive council funding; as well as 15 incorporated societies — 13 receive council funding.

A number of these incorporated societies deliver some of the functions that community committees deliver.

The council said that while committees have added real benefit to the district for many years, it’s time to look at the best model for the future, which ensures effective community and volunteer participation, lifts community engagement in decision-making and allows councillors to be more available to meet with, listen and discuss matters that affect the
local community.

The six-month review will look at a range of factors including the structure, role, focus and number of community committees, to see where improvements might be made.

The council intends to seek dialogue and opportunities to exchange ideas with a wide range of residents, user groups and community committees.

The committees will continue to operate as normal while the review is undertaken.