Children from 5 to 13 years old are encouraged to join the New World Rolleston/Dragonfly Cafe Kids Triathlon

Trying a triathlon

by Ann van Engelen

Children from across the district are gearing up for the inaugural New World Rolleston/Dragonfly Cafe Kids Triathlon that will be held on December 8 at Foster Park.

“I have lived in Rolleston for five years and created the event so children can try doing a triathlon in a less crowded space before entering the bigger events,” says race director Regan Turner from Enduranz Events.

“The owners of New World and other local businesses have been very obliging and given us great prizes. We want to encourage children into the sport by making it fun and affordable. It is a good taster and designed to be achievable for every child. With a smaller crowd, they won’t feel so intimidated and can go on to do the Weetbix Kids and others knowing what it is like.”

The inaugural event is limited to 300 spaces.

“Being a part of the first event will be really special, and next year once the stadium and pool are completed, we will cater to more competitors. They start in groups of 10, and it is not timed. There are first, second or third prizes, and every child gets a gift at the finishing line.

“The five and six-year-olds have a duathlon of running and a bike ride.

They can have parent support throughout the race. Ages seven and eight will do the swim, bike and run as well as the nine and 10-year-olds and finally the 11 and 13-year-olds. We are hoping to have a few special people come and join in.

“There will be kids out there training prior, and there will be prizes up for grabs such as a $500 voucher for the Inter Islander ferry. On the day, Global Tractors will have a big yellow digger as the finish line.”

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