The first customers Glen and Gus, the dog at the self-serve dog wash at Darfield Challenge Service Station

Looking after the K9s

by Ann van Engelen

Challenge Service Station Darfield has installed a self-service K9000 dog wash machine as a way to provide the community with a convenient option to bathe their dogs.

“Company owner Jeoff Hampton is always looking for something to help our customers and make life a bit easier. He saw this and thought we have the room so why not provide the service at our site,” says manager Sandra Frazer.

“It is away from the forecourt and in a quiet spot behind a fenced area so that dogs and children are safe. It is $10 a wash and the machine is a touchpad and coin-operated with the EFTPOS option coming soon.

“You have the option of fragrance, and the dog is placed on the slip-proof pad where you shampoo, rinse, condition and add flea and tick treatment if you want.

“When people come to fuel their car up with their dog, we give them a dog biscuit, and this is one more thing to add. It saves a lot of mess at home, and there is safety glass — so you shouldn’t get wet.

“We think it is going to be really popular. I did a Facebook poll, and around 150 people requested the service. We are really excited to get something new and make our premises a one-stop-shop in Darfield.”