West Melton Gymnastic Club Grade Two girls — Olivia Munro, Amelia Munro, Emily Snowdon, Imogen Thornhill, Sarah Allen and Khloe Spooner

Highlighting students skills

by Ann van Engelen

West Melton gymnastics students competed in the Olympia Regional Competition on Sunday last week coming away with the several placings.

“Our children have been doing really well at competitions this year, and our club is producing some very good gymnasts,” said head coach Pam Higgins.

“Gym Fun is the first grade for five and six-year-olds, and Isla Worsley came first, and Kaela Spooner placed third in the event. In the grade one, Isabel Moe came second, and Jade Tomlinson placed third in the girls with Rhys Clinton placing first in the boys.”

Amelia Munro took away first for grade two girls, and Olivia Munro, her twin sister, took second place with team member Emily Snowden third.

“Amelia scored 39.15 out of 40, that was extremely impressive and is the first time I have seen a score that high in all my years coaching. Our students did exceptionally well, and we are very pleased with their efforts.

There were a lot of great comments from the judges regarding the tidiness of their routines.

“Our girls took out the first six places in grade two — that is very exciting.

Imogen Thornhill, Sarah Allen and Khloe Spooner placed fourth, fifth and sixth and in the boys, Jack Snowden came first. Briar Croskery placed second in the iron grade and in bronze level Kate Vee third with Kyla Higgins gaining third in the elite class.

“Our club range from preschool through to adult with classes from beginners, and gym tricks.

“This gives a good taste of the sport and works on coordination, one foot take off to two feet together and builds confidence and skills including forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands and routines for competitions as well as trampoline classes. Olympia and Te Wero clubs do more hours training than our students so our team are accomplishing well.”