Animal control survey

by Ann van Engelen

The Selwyn District Council’s Animal Control bylaw survey is open for members of the community to have your say.

Our population is growing, especially in our townships, and this means the number of pets and animals we have in and around our homes is growing too.

Pets and animals are important to our community’s wellbeing, but with increasing numbers of pets and animals, we also need to have sensible regulations around how animals are managed and controlled in Selwyn.

Dogs are already managed under separate legislation. So we are now starting to think about developing a bylaw that will help manage issues to do with the keeping of other animals in urban areas. It will particularly deal with public health, safety and nuisance problems.

As part of this, we will also be considering whether any specific controls on cats should be included in the bylaw, such as microchipping and desexing.

Council is seeking the community’s input on some of the areas to be included in the proposed bylaw. Your feedback will help us develop a draft bylaw, which will then be opened for formal consultation in mid-2020.

To have your say, go to and complete the online survey. Feedback closes at 5pm on Friday, November 22 2019.