Sustainability Repair Cafe

by Laurie Willetts

Lincoln Envirotown is urging people not to throw away broken or torn things but to utilise a Repair Cafe that will feature in their Sustainability Trail being run in November.

Everything planned for the ‘trail’ is aimed at promoting awareness of the environment and trying to live sustainably. The cafe is designed to help people think about their household items, appliances, toys, bicycles or clothing and bring them to the cafe for mending rather than being discarded to add to Selwyn’s landfills.

The Repair Cafe will open from noon until 5pm on Saturday, November 2 at Rolleston Community Hall. There is no need to register for the event. Turn up with items in disrepair and see if the team can repair them or advise on how to salvage each item.

The cafe forms part of a number of events and workshops, which will feature in Lincoln Envirotown’s Sustainability Trail, an outing aimed at improving our knowledge of recycling, and responsible disposal of household waste products. There is a guided trip to the ecodrop on Friday, prior to the Repair Cafe.

The Sustainability Trail has something for everyone. People can learn about growing your own vegetables or enjoy the outdoors by taking a guided walk around Lincoln’s Mahoe Native Reserve.

Details can be found by visiting Eventbrite or Lincoln Envirotown’s website or Facebook page.