Singing Stars Selwyn with the What Now crew at Rolleston

Showcasing our youth

by Ann van Engelen

The students at Singing Stars Selwyn Arts and Music School appeared live on the television show What Now last weekend showing the nation Selwyn’s local talent.

“What Now contacted me as they had heard about us and needed a musical number. I sent them a video of one of our songs and they loved it, and we were invited to showcase a live performance on Sunday,” says school director Jacqui Soper.

”The children were so excited as it was a huge opportunity and they were very nervous. They were amazing and worked very hard. We are a singing, drama and music school with 11 teachers working across the district offering a whole range of classes including drums, piano, drama and all types of singing.”

The students recently performed A Love Story at Rolleston School to a crowd of 300.

“Our children are very successful and are constantly auditioning for shows and choirs. I work at every school in Rolleston, and we teach from 6 to 18-year-olds and now offer adult musical instrument lessons. Ten of our pupils successfully auditioned for the Representative Choirs and will be performing at the Christchurch Music Festival. We also have our own Selwyn Youth Choir for ages 9–16 run by Linley Thomas and they also excel.

“We will be at a variety of local Christmas performances over the festive season. The experience is awesome for children of all ages. It has been a really exciting year, and they have excelled themselves.”