Cyclists of all ages enter the Famous Grouse Bays Cycle Challenge

A cycle adventure

by Ann van Engelen

This year marks the second event of the 78-kilometre Famous Grouse Bays Cycle Challenge being held on Sunday, November 3.

“We run a number of cycle events of substantial races. This one starts at the Famous Grouse Hotel in Lincoln and cyclists race to Corsair Bay via Gebbies Pass and back to Lincoln, finishing with a 300m sprint down Liffey Springs Drive, finishing outside Liffey Springs Park,” says organiser John Moore.

“Participants get a huge amount of satisfaction and great cash prizes are up for grabs with the King and Queen of Gebbies Pass on the way making it interesting for everyone.

“This is one of the first summer season races on the calendar, and you don’t have to be an elite rider to enter, weekend and casual riders join in too.

Last year we counted more than 100 people spectating, and it would be great to have some of them enter. We have medics and marshalls on the course and a ‘pick up Charlie’ if you are an amateur on the tail end and need a ride — we want people to at least get out and have a go.

“Through our events, we sponsor schools, fire brigades, West Coast Wilderness Trust, Ronald MacDonald House and other charities. These races provide finances these places would otherwise miss out on.

“It is a great day for those who are new to the area. They can come and encourage the riders at the finish line. Starting is 9am — the first riders come through around two hours later.”

Registrations close on Sunday, October 27. Enter at