Markham Way (bottom) is to be extended to intersect with Dryden Avenue intersection (top)

Intersection upgrades agreed

by Mike Isle

The council has agreed to bring forward the upgrade of two intersections in Rolleston and the extension of Markham Way.

The council voted to approve installing traffic lights at the Lowes Road/Tennyson Street, the extension of Markham Way to Dryden Avenue and the installation of traffic lights at the intersection that will be created there.

Both projects were scheduled for 2020/21 but will now go ahead in the current financial year.

The Markham Way extension will see the construction of a new section of road to realign Norman Kirk Drive to join Markham Way through to Rolleston Dr, along with installing traffic lights at the new intersection of Rolleston Drive with Markham Way and Dryden Avenue.

Both intersection upgrades will see traffic lanes and cycleways installed to cater for turning and through traffic. At Lowes Road/Tennyson Street this will support the increased use of the intersection by students cycling to Rolleston High School. The council approved a budget of $3.2 million for the Lowes Road/Tennyson Street work and $2.6 million for the Dryden Avenue/Markham Way extension and traffic lights.

Council also agreed to defer planned traffic lights for the Rolleston Drive/Tennyson Street intersection until funding is available and to minimise disruption to traffic while the other works were ongoing.

Funding that had been budgeted for that project in the Long Term Plan has been allocated to the Lowes/Road Tennyson Street project.