Self Portrait, Ki Hyun Kim, 2017 in oil

Inaugural Selwyn Arts Festival

by Mike Isle

An extravaganza of art will be created and celebrated this month as part of the first-ever Selwyn Arts Festival.

The festival, which runs from October 11 to 20, is a collaborative project by the Selwyn District Council, Selwyn Gallery, Lakeland Gallery and Down by The Liffey Gallery.

It will feature demonstrations, workshops, a wearable arts show, live art competition and a guided gallery tour.

District arts coordinator Becca Bouffandeau said the festival would give people a chance to see a different perspective on art in the district.

“Selwyn has a lot of great art and artists, but often we don’t know them, they’re just a signature in the corner of a painting. The festival will give people a chance to get up close and personal, meet the artists and see them work, as well as enjoying their fantastic work and making something fun themselves.”

Opportunities to see behind the scenes and meet the artists will begin with a wearable art show featuring local and national talent on Saturday, October 12 and through an Art Crawl visiting Selwyn’s three art galleries. Led by art connoisseur Kristin Kinney from Taste of Life Tours, the tour, on Sunday, October 13, will give visitors a chance to meet artists and gallery managers, pick up some art and even be the subject of their own work of art, stopping at Lakeland Art Gallery in Leeston where portrait artist Sam Wakelin will draw free portraits.

The festival builds on the popular Darfield Artweek, now in its 38th year.

A full programme of festival events and where to buy tickets is at