The tube slide is closed but the rest of the park is open

Tube slide at Foster Park closed

by Mike Isle

Selwyn District Council has temporarily closed the tube slide at Foster Park for repairs after cracks were found in the plastic.

The cracking is near the top of the slide, and new parts have been ordered to replace the damaged area.

The council has closed the slide as a precaution while the parts are manufactured and installed and further testing is carried out, including inspection by a structural engineer, to establish the cause of the cracking.

Increased use of the slide over the school holidays also had the potential to speed up the damage and increase the safety risk, the council said.

Contractors have been monitoring the slide daily since being made aware of the cracking on Friday, and there have been no reports of injury or signs of further damage.

The metal embankment slide remains open for use, along with all other equipment at the playground.

Construction of the park began in 2014.

The Destination Playground and sports facilities are the largest sport and recreational facility in Selwyn.