Summer was made for road trips, and the new Can-Am Ryker offers a whole new way to enjoy the open road

Get ready for the open road

by Andy Bryenton

For many of us, summer means one thing — road trips. Whether it’s a camping holiday in the outdoors, a long-distance visit to relatives for Christmas or just a plain old ramble through some of the world’s best scenery while the sun shines, all this means it’s time to give your vehicles some care and attention.

For those looking to tow the boat or caravan away to a holiday sun-spot, the first concern is likely to be sorting out a new WOF for both the towed wheels and the towing vehicle. A rust treatment now will pay dividends by the end of summer, so it’s not a bad plan to sort it out at the same time as checking the electrical systems and gas appliances in boats, campers and caravans.

Of course, some people like to travel light, and summer is the best time to consider getting out and about on two wheels. New Zealand has some find motorcycling roads, and the sight of tourists on ‘adventure’ style bikes following the highway is nothing new. It’s easy to follow suit nowadays with new Learner Approved motorbikes coming in sizes that can amply support a long and comfortable ride for an adult. Talk to your local bike dealership about how to get your licence, and at the same time invest in safety gear that will go the distance.

Perhaps the best of both worlds is expressed by a quirky new vehicle, which has been showing up in increasing numbers on the roads. Can-Am’s Spyder and its new variant, the Ryker are open to the air like a bike, and even have handlebars and a saddle.

They have two wheels at the front for the stability of a car, and one driving wheel at the back. Best yet, the Spyder can be operated with a car licence, making it easy to get the thrill of open-road cruising with the confidence and fun factor of three wheels rather than two.