Plan now for summer projects

by Andy Bryenton

Despite all our technology and cleverness, the weather still dictates some of our most important activities. That’s why the window of opportunity for building and renovating is wide open in late spring and early summer. It’s a time when plans can be laid down and dates booked in to take advantage of the sunshine and navigate around the holiday break.

Not to alarm anyone, but it’s now just 12 weeks until Christmas, with school students breaking up for the year well beforehand. That puts many build and renovate projects on the clock if they need to be sorted by the holidays.

For those who are planning a major undertaking but still wish to get the most out of the good weather; roofing, for example, or a new build — the time has come to talk plans with the local experts.

That could mean planning out a kitchen refurbishment that transforms the space without major structural work; the good news might be that it can be installed in time for the Christmas guests to arrive. It might take the other tack, and involve booking a time in the new year to lift the entire roof, to install not just new long run iron, but also extractors, ducted air conditioning and LED lighting courtesy of your local electricians. Most seasoned tradespeople have a good eye for how long a job will take; for example, consulting with your plumber on some new tapware or a filtration system is likely to be a before-Christmas job, while building on a new en suite bathroom may best be planned now and executed in the new year. It’s all down to the scope of works and the individual home.

The advice from every sector, from those who lay the foundations with concreting skill to those who finish the top of the chimney, is the same.

Please don’t wait until the last minute and be offended that a tricky job can’t be done before the holidays. Parts, labour, planning and sometimes even council permits may be needed, so talk to your very busy trades professionals soon and avoid disappointment. They’re out there working hard to fill a tight schedule, so it’s time to work together and achieve perfect results.