The target is to plant 14,000 trees before the end of September

Public invited

by Mike Isle

To celebrate World Rivers Day, Environment Canterbury is partnering with Sustainable Coastlines to help plant trees along the Waimakariri River on Saturday, September 21 and they are inviting the public to be involved.

Sustainable Coastlines is a charity that looks after coastlines and waterways throughout New Zealand, and they’re calling for Cantabrians to show their support and volunteer to take part.

The planting will take place starting at 10am in the Whites Crossing west picnic area at the eastern end of Coutts Island Road.

Environment Canterbury parks team leader James Page said this was a great opportunity for people to help enhance the region’s biodiversity.

“We are proud to be able to operate planting days like these as it ensures we are adding to the health of the region for years to come,” Page said.

“This is a great event for Cantabrians from all walks of life to be part of something special.”

This event is part of a collection of planting days that Environment Canterbury is facilitating during August and September, which is a prime time to plant trees due to the weather.

“As we come into spring, Environment Canterbury will plant more than one hectare of native plants,” Page said.

Sam Judd, co-founder of Sustainable Coastlines, said this was a great cause to get behind.

“We would love to see Cantabrians come out on September 21 and support this initiative and help us plant some trees,” Judd said.

“The Waimakariri River is such an important part of Canterbury’s ecosystem and assisting with the ongoing health of waterways in New Zealand is one of our key objectives.”

World Rivers Day will be officially celebrated on Sunday, September 22.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the global event.