Maddie Collins creates individual pillowcases to share with other young patients in hospital

Pillowslips for Starship

by Ann van Engelen

Maddie Collins has had two kidney transplants in the past eight years, and now the 15-year-old makes pillowslips to give to children going through difficult times in hospital.

“Students at St Margaret’s School do the William Pike Challenge learning a new skill and something community-minded. Maddie chose pillowslip making, donating them to children in Ward 26B at Starship Children’s Hospital,” says mum Sarah.

“We also donate to the Christchurch paediatric outpatients’ ward but these, stay there. Families struggle and this is a nice thing she can do. We are grateful for the support we get ourselves and love getting photos of the recipients with their pillowslips.”

As a child, Maddie developed a rare disorder that attacks the kidney’s filtering units causing permanent damage and failure. “Her first transplant developed donor-specific antibodies causing the donor kidney to die. Her second transplant has lost a lot of function, so we are heading back overseas for further input to try and keep this kidney going longer.”

Maddie also sells her creations to cover her costs.

“We buy fabrics overseas to make them extra special. Her dad Adam and I are very proud of her because some days are long and tough. It is nice to see her giggling when she is working on her designs.” To purchase Maddie’s 100 per cent quilting cotton pillow slips at $20 each go to Maddie Collins — Imagine what I could do when I am better Facebook page.